Twelve Essential Leadership Skills Assessment


Allows a Manager or Leader to assess themselves across 12 key team leadership areas covering their interaction with team members, non-team members and how they manage themselves using a mobile phone app.

The app is used in conjunction with the Twelve Essential Leadership Skills booklet.

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Key Functionality

The Assessment covers the following 12 key leadership skills:

  • Setting up your Team for Success
  • Effective Team Decision-making
  • Running Productive Team Meetings
  • Dealing with Conflict in Teams
  • Communicating with Senior People
  • Practical Negotiation Skills
  • Evidence-based Decision-Making
  • Avoiding Unconscious Bias
  • Making and Managing Commitments
  • Creating a Safe Team Communications Environment
  • Collaborating beyond your Team Boundaries
  • Effective Leadership Early Warning System (EWS)

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